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Publishing: African Minds

African Minds is a publisher of social science books authored by African academics and thinkers. African Minds opens up a new channel to publishing for authors frustrated by both the lack of support from traditional book publishers as well as the anachronistic and tedious approach to getting important African publications to print

Investor communications: Farraday

In 2009 Compress.dsl entered into a working partnership with Farraday, a specialist corporate reporting company based in London, UK.


Compress.dsl has built up a reliable and highly talented network of editors, DTP professionals and proofreaders to supplement our own in-house talents.


Compress.dsl prefers not to shop around for the cheapest printer. Instead we prefer to work with a small group of printers from whom we can expect fast turn-around times, consistent quality and good value. In this way, we have built solid, dependable relationships with our print suppliers which means that just as we are prepared to go the extra mile for our clients, our print partners are willing to do the same for us.